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Its how we roll

On Baking Day we start early in the morning prepping our homemade dough & filling. Each bierock is carefully & meticulously prepared by our bierock team.  Once they have been baked & cooled, they are individually wrapped & packaged. Eat them all at one sitting or freeze them for next time. They make a great grab & go lunch or even breakfast!


Share the tradition!


Now made with homemade dough!

$28/dz $15/half dz

Orders must be placed no later than the Tues before baking day

Everyone LOVES our  Bierocks which is why this is such a great fundraiser!  Buy a dozen or two to share with family, friends, and co-workers. $5 from every order you sell go towards your fundraising goal!


Be part of our bierock team! When you help on Baking Day you are guaranteed $10/shift credit towards your fundraising goal. The credits for working will increase based on sales. The more we sell & have to bake, the more you fundraising credits you make! Did I mention you also get goodies?

Questions about an order or helping on Baking Day? Contact:  

Evelyn deGallery at (559) 367-9333   evelyndegallery@gmail.com


Ahwahnee Middle School is located on Escalon & First Street (Between Bullard Ave. & Sierra Ave.)