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Have you been on CHARMS lately?
CHARMS is a program used by music programs all over the U.S.  It is used to keep track of your student's registration payments, profits earned from fundraising that are applied to your student's fundraising goal, band calendar, and to communicate with YOU!
Charms is frequently updated.  Login to Charms to see what has been posted.

Go Mobile for easy access!

Mobile Apps available for download on  Apple iTunes and Android Market

Login using your computer first and change the password before downloading the mobile app.

Read below for details on how CHARMS works and how payments are recorded:

You will receive monthly statements via email with your charges, payments and fundraising credits for the 2018-2019 marching/concert year.  Please wait 2 months to see your fundraising credits applied to your accounts, especially Save Mart Center, because we usually get that check at least a month after the events. Also, it takes time for the fundraising chairs to collect all the money and figure out the credits.

Checks are generally deposited by the next Friday after received.  Fundraising checks are usually turned in after the fundraiser is complete, so please be patient and know that your check WILL BE CASHED and your share of profits will be recorded in CHARMS!   PLEASE: KEEP YOUR FUNDS IN YOUR ACCOUNT AND PLAN AHEAD!! We are not responsible for your bank accounts.  If this is too difficult (not knowing when your check will be deposited), then please PAY WITH CASH. Thank you for your help with this.
IMPORTANT:  Student and parent/guardian information must always be current.  You can make sure your info is correct in CHARMS and even update it yourself by just logging in.

Questions?  Contact Evelyn deGallery or (559)367-9333. 

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