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Buying or Selling a home? 

This fundraising opportunity could fund BOTH your Fundraising Account AND your trip to Washington D.C.  

Are you or someone you know . . .

We have partnered up with Tim Natsues and David Harris, both realtors at Realty Concepts.  They will generously make a donation to our BHS Band & Color Guard program, based on YOUR referral of a 6% listing contract with them!  This includes commerical property too.  YES, the amount will be credited to your individual account!  Click below to see the contribution schedule in the attached brochure for further details! 

Questions?  Contact Tim or David today.  Just one sale could pay your way!
Tim Natsues at (559) 360-5033 or email at
David Harris at (559) 269-5018 or email at
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