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Did someone say Vacation??

Before we check out for a week

we have a little bit of business to cover :)


Our Bierock Sale was a HUGE Success!!

We made 151 dozen, with a few casualties, but that was beyond our control. In the next few days I hope to have a finished P&L to share. I'll keep you posted.

Shout out to the Spradlings! In all honesty, if it weren't for Sam & Sarah and their mad "pay attention to detail" skills, I would have lost my mind. :)

I'm so proud of our students! They worked so hard and put up with a moody, picky band mom (names are not important here... but it was me). I am also thankful to the parents who worked just as hard. As I looked around at an almost all SENIOR crew it hit me; I'm really going to miss these kids! It's like anticipating the flying away of your first kid, times 20! There were Juniors there too, but that didn't make it better... "I only have one more yr with them." I can't even with this. In February when we have another baking day we need freshmen students to sign up and shadow our Junior & Senior Bierock Meisters.



We finally have the order forms! Pick yours up this week or Thursday at the Parent Meeting!



If you haven't placed your order, grab an order form from the band room. Turn them in BEFORE we leave for Christmas Break. The sooner the better.


Follow this link for more information:


Here is the Itinerary for Friday!

Will this be a Thanksgiving Miracle???

Good Luck Knights!

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I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I didn't host this year, for the first time in 5yrs. I'll admit I was a bit lost the first couple days of vacation not having to run around and making sure I

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Evelyn deGallery
Evelyn deGallery
20 nov. 2019

I forgot to mention the Concession & Beer Stand on Saturday. We need people. Contact Jennifer Raimondo OR sign up on the website.

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