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Working concessions at Save Mart Center adds fundraising dollars up fast! Earn a minimum of $45 each time you work.  Some events can earn as much as $100 each!  Get your family and friends to help on your student's behalf to maximize earnings towards your fundraising goal.

In addition to concerts, we also work the

FSU Women's Volleyball games, Men's Wrestling matches, and Men's and Women's Basketball games!


Here's how to get started!


2.  Sign up for as many events as you can

3.  Work a booth and earn $$

4.  Reach fundraising goal FAST!

Save Mart Center Concessions is the TOP Fundraising Opportunity!


Upcoming Events

Click on an event to sign up

Various Dates & Times, Click the link to see the calendar

Friday Call Time 5:00 p.m.; Sat.Sun. Call Time 11:00 a.m.

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Volunteer "Employees"  

 Have you ever purchased a pretzel or a drink at a Savemart Center event? If you have, you have simultaneously donated money to a local non-profit organization Every concession stand and beer booth are powered entirely by volunteers (which is why you need to be extra nice to them)! 

SMC has contracted with various Non-profit Oraganizations throughout our community to donate a percentage of their Concession Sales in exchange for "Volunteer Employees".  Each non profit  group is assigned one or more stands per event, depending on how many of their people are willing to work that event. 

Our Numbers are due!

 That's a phrase you will hear on a monthly basis. On the 24th of each month, our SMC Liaison (currently Lynn Mason) submits to the SMC Concession Stand Supervisor,  the total number of certified volunteers we have signed up for the following month’s events. Each Concession stand, Beer booth , etc has a minimum number of volunteers needed to run smoothly & safely. If we do not have the minimum number of volunteers needed to staff the booths, we are not assigned any and the opportunity is given to another group (maybe Clovis East??). This is why it is vitally important for our ServSafe or TIPS/LEAD certified volunteers to sign up for as many events as possible before the 24th of the month so we get stand assignments. Even if its a concert you think will be slow or "not your vibe". Money is money and some non-profit will benefit from it. Why not us? 

I Don't Know My Availability 

A lot of people do not have the luxury of setting their own hours, or have predictable schedules. Don't let that keep you from signing up for a coming event!  It is better for us to get a stand assigned because you signed up than  to not get one at all.  We can (preferably with your help) find someone to cover your shift if you need to cancel. The Save Mart Center is a great way for us to earn big money for our program, but we only make money when stands are assigned to us.

SMC Can Be Very Lucrative. If We Work

In the past we have seen upwards of $15,000 raised through our contracted partnership with the Savemart Center.

Over the last year  that number has drastically dropped to under $8,000. This is not because sales at the concessions are down. We have seen a significant decrease in the number of stands we are assigned AND the amount of money we receive from SMC. This is because although we have many trained volunteers, we have not been able to provide the minimum number of volunteers needed to staff just one booth. (3 people).  Help us reach our earnings potential with SMC by getting ServSafe Certified and signing up to work an event! 

How does it work?

What is Serve Safe? Why do I need it? 


  1. Go to:
  1.  LOGIN/CREATE ACCOUNT in the top of the page


  3.  Fill out the NEW USER REGISTRATION 

  4.  REGISTER to create a free account 


  1.  Send your new SERVSAFE ID, along with your full name, email address and phone number to Lynn Mason,  


Lynn will contact you with your next steps once she receives your information.  Thank you in advance! As always, if you have any questions please contact Lynn Mason at

As of January 1, 2019, SMC requires all new volunteers take  ServSafe training. This program has replaced the TIPS alcohol Training Program.  All new volunteers & those with expired TIPS/LEAD Cards will all be trained under the new program. Past & Current Volunteers with valid TIPS/LEAD cards will not need to be SERVSAFE Certified in order to work events. 



The key benefit to the ServSafe program is the online training portal. Volunteers will now be able to complete the training online. We no longer need to wait for SMC to schedule the training. Bullard simply sends SMC the name and email address of the volunteers that need to be certified.  New users will need to set up a free account with ServSafe. This account will be used to track progress, take the exam and print their certification card. Users are also able to pause the training and come back when their time allows.  The course is very user-friendly and can be completed on a tablet or phone if needed. The preferred method is a computer.  


The ServSafe program is $30/person. As you might imagine, it is not financially feasible for SMC to cover alone. They have committed to split the cost,  50/50 with each volunteer organization. The Bullard Band Backers will pay $15.00/person trained


This is where we really need your commitment.  If any volunteer fails to complete the training, we will be charged the full $30.00 fee.  Once you are certified we are asking that you commit to work at least 3 events within your first 3months. 

Dress Code:  You MUST wear black pants (no jeans) and pull your hair back.  A SMC polo shirt will be provided to you by your Stand Leader at the booth assigned to you.

Did  you know?

Any person 18 years and older can work at the SMC on your student's behalf.  And students that are 18 can work too!  All they need to be is LEAD or TIPS trained.  Many parents have met their fundraising goal easily by having family and friends work on their student's behalf.  The Fresno State volleyball, wrestling, and basketball games are usually at a slower pace than concerts and great way to learn how to work the booths. It's a perfect way to get everyone involved and on their way to earning dollars for the BHS Band & Color Guard.

Stand Leaders Needed! 

We are very fortunate that SMC is giving us more stands to work.  That means more money for our band and color guard program!!  However, we need more trained Stand Leaders to run these extra stands.  Stand Leaders earn a little extra money and its pretty easy to do once we train you!  Email Lynn Mason for more info. As an added bonus, you are more likely to get your choice of events to work if you become a Stand Leader!  Lynn says, "We have more time than money, so sign up today!


Click below

Save Mart Center Parking & Check In

Free parking is available in the dirt lot across from the SMC (NE corner of Chestnut & Shaw).  Go to the Tower and enter at the door facing Shaw Ave.  Sign your name at the check in table just inside the door and then head to your booth. Always be on time!  We will get deducted money for anyone that is late or is a no-show.

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