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TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! Bullard is hosting their VERY FIRST actual HOME GAME! WAHOO! Remember, Chuck Wagon is feeding the kids. We recommend having them stay at school until call time; otherwise, you may be hard-pressed to get near the Band Room, let alone find parking! The kids will be performing the first movement of HONOR during Half Time. I am SO excited! Make sure you can be there if only for that! My husband fired me from recording any more performances (I agree with that decision. I'm not so good with the recording & the being still & the be quiet while recording things). SO! if you take photos/video of the performance and other goings-on, please share them with me! You can upload your pics and videos to the website (in the Student section). One thing to think about: We are a Marching Band; many players, each one listening to each other. No one can "March to the beat of their own drum" without ruining the music. That said, after the game, ALL students are required to help put away the instruments and make sure the band room is clean before dismissal. Students, everyone wants to go home and go to bed. When you leave while there is still much work to do, it makes everyone else have work harder and stay out later that's not cool. Parents, before you take your student home, please make sure they have done everything they needed to do. If you haven't already, set a reminder in your calendar that practice NEXT week will be on Friday, as well as the Parent General Meeting. We will be covering a LOT, so you will not want to miss in. Friday 9/20 @7pm in the Theater. I'll see you tonight! We will have a table with some of our past Show Shirts for sale, and you'll have the opportunity to order our Blast from the past, Bullard Polo! Get a sneak peek at them on the website under Band Merch!

Oh, guess what Senior this is... What a CUTIE!!

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