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Grace Notes

Great job everyone!! Students you killed it! We are all so proud of your hard work. A twenty-point gain from the first competition to the last. First Place in my book :) Well done. What a way to end the season! The Senior Dinner was off the hook! And to think, we were just going to use an outside caterer... But when Chuckwagon offered the Culinary Master Cesar instead of a "potluck", I made an executive decision to say no to tradition and yes to Rib-Eye. HAHA! The Vegas did a great job on the slide show. I can't wait to add more photos to it for the Awards banquet. (Too soon?)

Mrs. Houston kicked butt on the cake pops and caramel apples. I did a good job shopping for stuff for her to do. (haha) and not to toot my own horn, I think I did a pretty good job pretending to be a graphic artist and designing that mug. :)


From our Band Backer VP:  Thank you to everyone who was able to help at our Sierra Cup Classic Competition and our Senior event!  I know that many people gave of their time in many ways, from our awesome Chuck Wagon volunteers and Uniform Crew, to our patient, and kind Chaperones with their fearless leader Sandra Ramon :)!  We are so grateful for all of you!  Many siblings and family friends also helped out with volunteering at our concessions stand!  We appreciate all that our parents, families and friends to do help our kids :)!

The concession stand brought in over $18,000 in sales :)!  It was a good day!

We have two FSU stands on 11/9.  We have a beer booth and a concession stand. Please use Sign-up Genius to sign up for these events :). Here is the link to our Sign-up Genius Events:  Call time is 1PM for both events.  Please be sure to sign-up to volunteer. Right now we only have 6 people signed up for concessions and 1 person signed up for our beer booth.  If we do not get enough sign-ups by Tuesday, we will be forced to tell Pardini's we cannot fill our booths.  This will mean they may dock us money or take away our booth altogether.  We can do this!! Thank you again for all that you do.  We have such amazing band and color guard kids!  We are such a lucky program!

(AND SINCE WE HAVE MOVED BIEROCKS TO THE 16th, Your Saturday afternoon just opened up! :) So convenient. --from Evelyn)


We're not through yet!

Remember we have Band Pictures on the 7th. The sun goes down an hour earlier now, so it is very important that everyone arrives ON TIME in Full Uniform to begin the group shots at 4 pm and take advantage of the light! We have blocked out 4 pm-8 pm for our photoshoot. I know a few of you have asked about group photo shots. If we have time after everyone who has RSVP'd for an individual photo has had their photo taken, then yes, you can take group photos, but I will need to know of your intention in advance. It's easier if you email me,

For your individual pictures, we need you to RSVP BY WEDNESDAY the 6th. To do that you can follow the link OR go to the website and click on $upport Us By Buying Stuff, and then Band Picture Day. You can check out the photographer's (Paradigm Photography) website also through the link above.


Bierocks have been moved to the 16th. Please be sure to tell your people about the date change. Take advantage of the extra time to get orders in, we are still pretty short.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I couldn't in good conscience, hold Sally to her commitment to us 12 hours after her grandson's funeral. I will have a card (cards) for us to sign and give to Sally.


Did you see the Senior Mugs?

We want to order a few more but have to have a minimum of 36. If you are interested in purchasing one or two let me know! I know of a few parents (including me) who want one. They are $8/ea (w/ tax and shipping).


I'm fairly certain I am supposed to tell you some more things, but I am exhausted and my brain has shut off. I'll remember tomorrow and update this post... This is one reason it's called "Grace Notes" I need a lot of it. :)

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