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It's Go Time!

Good afternoon everyone!

Fall is here! Now that the temps have dropped and it is October, it is completely acceptable to display Pumpkins and drink Pumpkin Spice flavored things (if that’s your thing).

A few announcements:

Show Shirts were delivered.

STUDENTS: If you didn’t get your shirt see the directors, they have it. PARENTS: We have a few shirts (3-xsm, 5 med, 4-large, 2-xl, 4-2x’s,1-3x’s) available to buy for you to wear on Saturday. $20 ea. If you missed out on ordering a shirt, we will be doing a second printing, let me know if you want to order.

Honor Hydro Stickers! Available NOW! $5 ea or 5/$20. I’ll have them with me on Thursday after practice.

Uniform Essentials: Band Students, if you haven’t already gotten your Tank Top, Black Under Armor Shirt, Shorts, and Black Socks, now would be the time to get them. You must have them for Saturday.

Color Guard: I do not yet know specifics for what we need for Saturday. I will let you know as soon as I do.




6:30 pm Executive Board Meeting, held in the conference room at Raimondo Associates on Herndon & Marks. You are welcome to attend.


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Thursday Night Rehearsal. Parents & Student’s please be patient while you wait to get your uniform after practice.

Mr. Flores will be there with Coupon Books, I’ll be there with extra shirts and the hydro stickers.


Home Coming Game:

Ratcliffe Stadium -

4:30pm All wind and battery members report to band room in proper football game attire. Section Leaders take attendance

5:00pm Load trailers

5:30pm Load buses – Same buses as previous game

5:45pm Buses depart for Ratcliffe Stadium

6:15pm Arrive at Ratcliffe Stadium

Depart buses and unload trailers

7:00pm Pre-Game

7:30pm Kick Off

10:00pm ESTIMATED TIME for end of game

10:30pm Load trailers, buses and depart Ratcliffe Stadium

10:45pm Arrive at Bullard High School

Unload busses and trailer, put all instruments away

11:00pm Dismissed


2:00 pm IT’S GO TIME! Modesto here we come! Spectator information can be found in the attached file. They take cash & card. Entrance is $10/person and parking is $5.

here’s the itinerary:

Modesto Invitation Field Tournament

2:00pm Call time for all band and color guard members in band room

2:15pm Load trailers

2:45pm Grab snack from chuck wagon = Load buses

3:00pm Buses depart for MIV

5:00pm Arrive at MIV

Depart buses and unload trailers

5:15pm Change into uniform

5:45pm Begin war-ups

7:30pm Final run and depart for gate


8:00pm Return to trailers

Change out of Uniform and into Show Shirts

Load trailers

Dinner at trailers

9:15pm In stadium for awards

9:31pm Awards Ceremony

10:00pm Return to buses

Depart for Bullard

12:00am Unload trailers


That’s all from me for now. If I remember something or get new info, I will let you know. Until then… Enjoy the nice weather!

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