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"You had me at Taco"

Hello from the Chuckwagon team, here is the menu for Saturday: To Go Bagged Lunch at Bullard 2:30 Hotdogs, Chips, Assorted Fruit Bottled Water Dinner in Modesto (after the performance) around 8:00 pm Street Beef Tacos Vegan Mexican Beans Spanish Rice Assorted Fruit Quesadilla (vegan and Gluten-free option also available) End of day: Hot Chocolate & Brownies It’s a long day - we will have plenty of water, fruit drinks, fresh popcorn, and fruit available for snacking. If you have some lawn chairs, please bring them. It's going to be 50F. When you factor in the Delta Breeze wind chill factor, it will FEEL like 50below. Bring a coat, thermals & snow gear. That's how Californians do "Fall" Ok. Just kidding, don't bring Snow Gear, but definitely a jacket and maybe a beanie. We look forward to an excellent performance and are honored to serve our kids! 🌶🍎🍏🌮🌭

In addition to our AMAZING "Knights Bites," there will be a concession stand at the stadium. The menu & pricing can be found on our website welcome page under "Grace Notes" (formerly known as Important Notes). You'll also find a map and the performance schedule.


If you haven't picked up your Show Shirt, make sure you pick it up from Mr. Cargill or Mr. Cardona. Parents, if you didn't yet purchase a shirt, you can still do that. I'll have them tomorrow before we head out. I'll also have the Hydro Stickers available for purchase. There is another payment option available on the website. You can now choose "CASH PAYMENT" at checkout. You can order your items online and pay with cash or check.


Please Share your Photos and Videos with us! Post them on the FB group, tag us on Insta & Twitter. You can also upload them directly to the website. There will be a quick link on the welcome page of the website for easy access. Thanks in advance!

That's it from this side of Saturday!

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