Bullard Band & Guard Weekly Update

I know it is not Sunday, nor is it Monday, it is Tuesday, making this post two days late. At least my husband's assertion that "The world will not fall apart if you don't get that done today" has proven right. That's awesome. (haha). We have had a LOT happening over the last few days. Our students saw how their voices can make a difference! It was very encouraging (and I think very good for our students) to see the Bands that we compete against rally behind us! Being part of the Marching Band makes us part of a greater Marching Band Family. Music unites us! Here is the latest update on the Practice Field Issue:

This issue is on the agenda for the School Board Meeting scheduled for October 2nd. I can't remember what time, but I will let you know asap. I encourage you to attend this meeting! IN OTHER NEWS

Thanks for all the hard work this weekend at the Fresno State Game & Savemart Center. I don't have numbers yet, but I heard it was bustling!

Show Shirts are here! I will be at school to hand them out after practice on Thursday. Make sure your student doesn't go home without their shirt (or your shirt if you bought some)

POLO Orders are going in. If you want to order this time around, please make sure to get your order in by Thursday night.

Corporate Sponsorship information is up and on the website. You can send the page link to your potential sponsors. They can do everything they need to do online! If your potential Sponsors would like to mail in their donation rather than use the online method, they can! After they fill out the online Sponsor Information Form and upload their LOGO, they can mail their donation check (made out to Bullard Band Backers) to Bullard Band Backers c/o Lynn Mason. Her address is listed under the about us tab on the website.

ALL THE DRILL is up on the website

BIEROCKS SALES BEGIN on 10/15 Flyers and order forms will be available soon, as well as online ordering

The rest of the week info is at the end of this blog post


$AVE AROUND COUPON BOOKSThe 2020 Coupon Books are here and available until December 10th. These coupon books sell themselves, but if you don't tell your friends you have them, you'll see them bust out a coupon book they bought from Sally's mom's hairstylist because they "didn't know you were selling them." Don't let that happen! Post the image or share the link from the website onto your social media accounts. You don't have to order online; it is possible to place your orders and payment in the band room safe. For more details about the Coupon Books, please contact Julio or Cindy Flores at 5592463654

Jamba Juice Cards & Red Carpet Car Wash Tickets

These are available on the website, or you can contact Jennifer Raimondo raimondofamily10@gmail.com to purchase them. These campaigns are excellent deals!

Fresno State Football

Follow the link Bulldog Football or go to the website and click on Time Out on the Home Page.

Savemart Center Events Follow the links to sign up for the coming events Women's Volleyball http://BullardBand.2.vu/SMC-WomensVB-Sept26



10/5 First Competition in Modesto

10/15 Bierock Sales begin Bierock Baking Day & Pick-UP day 11 11/2 Senior Celebration Dinner

11/7 Band Pictures (Group & Sections, *Individual Portraits only if scheduled in advance<- details to come soon)

AND NOW THE REST OF THE WEEK WEDNESDAY 9/25 It's Hump Day! THURSDAY 9/264pm-9pm Women's Volleyball @ SMC. You should click the link to sign up to work 5 pm-8 pm Rehearsal. PLUS Show Shirt Distribution. Students do not leave practice without seeing me first and getting your shirt (or the shirts your parents ordered) FRIDAY 9/275 pm Bullard Football. JUST KIDDING! NO FOOTBALL THIS WEEK (at least for us) Instead, head on over to Gibson for the Annual Carnival! 5 pm-8 pm It's my last one ( I have mixed feelings about that) until Ian starts Kinder in 2 years, then I get to start ALL OVER (I have mixed feelings about this as well) SATURDAY 9/288 am-1 pm Saturday Practice The following Saturday is the first Competition! Thanks for reading ALL THE WAY THROUGH! You're a trooper! Now, guess who these Seniors are: