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Bullard Band & Guards FUNdrai$er Spotlight

The Spotlight Post has three parts: Happening Now, which focuses on our current & ongoing fundraisers. In the Works, lets you know what we're working on for the near future. Finally, Save the Date to help you plan.

Remember, many hands make light work!


KNIGHT OUT TOMORROW 4pm-8pm @ THE HABIT!Make sure you tell your friends! Post in on all the socials. The Band will get a nice little kickback from all of the sales (if they mention Bullard Band) during those 4 hours. Make Wednesday your "cheat day" and get some fries with that Portabella Charburger.


$AVE AROUND COUPON BOOKSThe 2020 Coupon Books are here and available until December 10th. These coupon books sell themselves, but if you don't tell your friends you have them, you'll see them bust out a coupon book they bought from Sally's mom's hairstylist because they "didn't know you were selling them." Don't let that happen! Post the image or share the link from the website onto your social media accounts. You don't have to order online; it is possible to place your orders and payment in the band room safe. For more details about the Coupon Books, please contact Julio or Cindy Flores at 5592463654


Jamba Juice Cards & Red Carpet Car Wash Tickets

These are available on the website, or you can contact Jennifer Raimondo to purchase them. These campaigns are excellent deals!


Fresno State Football

We need you! Sign-up for this weekend! Saturday 9/21 in each of the areas we serve, Concessions, Beer Garden & Tailgate. Follow the link Bulldog Football or go to the website and click on Time Out on the Home Page.


Savemart Center Events

Follow the links to sign up for the coming events


In The Works

Please make sure you attend the Parent Meeting on Friday to hear all about what is "in the works" this season. Hope to see you in the Theater on Friday @ 7 pm!



10/1 Bierock Sales begin Bierock Baking Day & Pick-UP day 11/9

Although this isn't a fundraiser, you'll still need to keep these dates saved:

Senior Celebration Dinner, Nov 2nd, Band Photo's November 7th,


Follow the link to see all of our fundraising campaigns and learn why they are so important!

Don't want to fundraise? Participate in the "No Sweat Fundraiser"... On every page of the website, you will see a Donate Button. Click on that and you can make a one-time donation or set up monthly recurring donations!


See you all tomorrow at the Habit! Make sure to share this post on your Social Media pages!

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